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Shows - Installations - Productions


It´s always the merge of live entertainment, media experience and technological innovation that people remember. We want to rethink media and higher the entitlement of storytelling in advertisement, film and for events.


  • Pioneers.IO
  • A1
  • McDonalds
  • Thalmic Labs
  • Friends of the Earth Austria / Global 2000
  • IBM
  • Red Bull
  • Samsung
  • Caritas
  • FM4
  • WU
  • Spar
  • B&C Privatstiftung
  • T-Mobile


We love to prototype and experiment with all kinds of technologies.
We love challenges.
We love to find unique solutions.


Designers, Hackers, Technicians, Story-Architects & Artists; From Urban Culture to TV-Production.
We always find the missing link, creating something unique.

Behind the Scenes

We are a multimedia lab located in the heart of Europe, Vienna.
Our clients are agencies and departures, who demand specialized services in the areas of events, film and animation. They appreciate us for our agility and constructive cooperation. For some we are just a classical production company, for others we create unique solutions.
Founded in 2008 as a collective, Media Apparat has been a company since march 2011.The basic idea of a “collective” and open work are the mainstays of the Entertainment Lab.


A working unit, interdisciplinary and striving for new solutions

Adi Markusich

Whenever a project demands special care and attention to detail, one of the strongest computers in our office is booted. Adi is one of those who we call Designers, and we know how to work with them. You must not restrain them or they will work at night and the new meeting times will vigorously cut short the daily routine. But actually, they do not need timing, they are aesthetic, creative, and almost always incredibly render intensive. Of course, a designer knows all of his tools, and even the media-surface could not be convertible. All just possibilities!

Benjamin Pokropek

is the COO- the Chief Operation Officer. Every company needs one, and we are so thankful for him. Responsible for the deadlines, always having an overview of the structure of our projects, no matter the extent. As a team player he forms the production-units and oversees them to their point of realization.

David Razzi

is a designer. His clear and dynamic style allows an additional access to an aesthetic nature. Multifaceted in shaping animations and gifted in CGI.

Igor Pajed

is the Creative Director. It does not depend on the discipline- whether its an award ceremony, a 3D mapping show or a interactive booth. It´s just about connecting opportunities in a new way.

Leonard Pokropek

is a Hacker.Whether Animation, CGI or Programming – in mind he is a researcher and gifted with an exploratory spirit. He loves finding problems and solving them as a result. Interactive VVVV and realtime tracking, creating new case studies and projects. But in his everyday live he composes big projects and operates media servers.

Roland Schafek

having his background in Parkour & Freeruning, he has an eye for scenerys and environments. He connects Media Apparat with urban arts and urban sports. An really active mind.

and a network containing than 120+ freelancers and partners gives you the safety, that every of our solutions lives up to the highest standards in design, dramaturgy and variety.



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