Media Apparat is a concept and productions studio, specialised on setting in scence multimedia appearances. Founded 2009 as a collective for trans-media design and presentations, Media Apparat acts at the interface between media, technology and live experience design. With high affinity to new media, we realise everything from image film to world premiere, from conference to interactive exhibition stand:

Whenever there’s a story to tell, we ensure it excites and inspires.


Media Apparat GmbH
Wien, Zentagasse 32
Austria – 1050

+43 1 810 1494 - 0
+43 699 / 11 02 56 35


Video, Film & Digital Production - Studio Production - Sound Design


Wir decken alle Teilbereiche der professionellen Medien-Produktion ab: von TV über Imagefilm bis Visual FX.


General Management - Shows & Ceremonies- Live Experience Design - Brand & Product Presentation


Von der Planung bis zur Implementierung: Wir unterstützen mit innovativen Technologien und garantieren unvergessliche Eindrücke.


Web & Mobile - Robotics & Drones - Interactive - Prototyping & Simulations


Entwicklung und Anwendung innovativer Technologien für Marketing, Produkt-Entwicklung und Entertainment.

We love technology.

Connected by the desire to create uniqueness, a fascination with technology and an attention to detail, we form an international network of designers, developers, hackers, creative heads, lateral thinkers and specialists.
We always consider productions as a whole and support our clients from brainstorming to complete productions.
Innovative brands, such as Pioneers.io and international corporate groups, such as Red Bull, Porsche, BWT or Heineken, as well as renowned marketing and event agencies, such as Grasl und Partner, Pi-Five or Virtue, have trusted our expertise for years.


Andreas Göltl
Event Productions

Igor Pajed (R.I.P.† 2015)
Founder, Creative Director &
Tech Generalist

Jodok Böhm
Project Manager

David Razzi
Art Director
Corporate Branding

Bernhard Weber
Head of
Media Production

Adi Markusich
Head of CGI / Visual FX &
Co Founder

Alexander Klissenbauer
Marketing, Communications &
Concept Development

Philipp Magyar
Lead Motion

Florian Herweg
Lead Motion

Katharina Pristolic
Project Management &
Management Assistent

Paul Niederfriniger
Project Management &
Management Assistent

Markus Zimmermann
Media Production &
Sound Design

Olga Vikhrova
Motion Design &
Post Production

Basty Brandstötter
Motion Design &
3D Animation

Franky Schalek
Motion &
Sound Design


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Media Apparat GmbH
Wien, Mollardgasse 52
Austria – 1060

+43 1 810 1494 – 0

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